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How to order
The Autobiography Guide

The Guide is offered in two different formats:

1. An electronic format that will allow you to insert your story at each theme or question of interest to you.

2. A printed format that comes with a binder. A perfect gift for someone that does not have a computer and will hand write their story in it.

The Electronic format is $15. US

The Printed format including shipping is $30. US

To avoid issues regarding credit card security transactions over the net, we ask you to send your order by mail (like the old fashion way...)

Our address is:

Your Life, Your Story
50 Rosedale
D.D.O., QC
Canada, H9G 1E1

Please make your cheque (USA & Canada only) or money order payable in the name of:
Lynn Powter

For an electronic version order, please provide us with:
your name, your city, your e-mail address, your word processor software and version, and (optional) your phone number. We will then send you by e-mail your version the day following reception of your order.

For a printed format order, please provide us with:
your name, your complete mailling address, your e-mail address and (optional) your phone number. We will send you by mail your guide in the following week of receiving your order.

Thank you for your order and enjoy the guide!