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Guide Description
The Autobiography Guide


The guide "Your Life, Your Story" is for anyone who would be interested in writing about his or her life, or for someone who will give it as a gift for a parent or a friend.

From the moment you become a parent, you should start to write about your life. Although you have more time to work at it when you are retired, your childhood memories may become harder to remember as you get older.

The guide includes the general structure of an autobiography: dedication, preface, introduction, chapters, conclusion, chronological list and index.

It is structured in an easy to follow format, starting at the beginning, from birth to present day, allowing you to write at your own pace.

It is important not to be too concerned about style or how many pages you have written, but to simply write about your life. There is no better way to pass on to your children and your friends a testimony that defines who you are and what you have lived. An autobiography is a very tangible way of telling your story. It can become a great heritage for your children.

So do not wait and start writing about your life. You can enhance the story using pictures and different documents. Discuss it with your relatives and try to collect and recall your memories. The whole process may become a great activity that will give you joy and make you proud of your life.

You will recapture memories and feelings of different moments in your life, which will ultimately create a document preserving precious knowledge and wisdom, lovingly passed on to your children and your children's children.

In order to help you write your autobiography, this guide offers you various themes, all of which can become different chapters in your book. You will find it easy to remember and recall important events in your life, with over 100 questions that can be developed.

Different themes proposed:

Birth and relatives; Childhood; School and friends; Adolescence; The beginning of your adult life; Love stories; Marriage; Children and family; Death; Occupations; Residences; Finances and assets; Travel and leisure; Cultural, sports and social interests; Accomplishments and happy memories; Life disappointments and difficulties; What gives you pleasure; What you do like and not like about; Medical history; Life secrets...