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About Us
The Autobiography Guide

"After my grand-mother's death, sadly, I realized that beside our pictures, I did not have anything tangible to remember her by."

Daniel Dagenais

This is the reason why I created a guide to help people write about their lives. A simple and easy to use tool which will get them started on a journey into their past.

We help people take pride in who they are...
and we feel very good about it.

On occasion, I do conferences and attend writing classes where people, often retired, are writing their autobiography. I love to hear their stories. And to see them happy about sharing their past with others.

Daniel Dagenais & Family

He is a father of four children, and had a grandmother that grew up with 19 brothers and sisters. His history and roots were always important to him and his family.
His grandfather had his genealogy done in the sixties, recalling 14 generations!