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The Autobiography Guide

"Your Life, Your story"

The Autobiography Guide is the tool you need to write your biography. It is a great gift to your family.
Or offer it to your parents so they can write their life story, and your children will have something unique to remember their grandparents by!

In offering this guide, you are telling the person how much their life means to you, and how much you would appreciate it if they would share their memories with you.

Parents and grandparents can use this guide to write about their life, per subject and at their own pace.

Offered in two different formats, electronic or paper, it can suit people with computer and word processing skills as well as those who will prefer to hand write in a printed binder.

It provides a tool that is simple and easy to use.

Daniel Dagenais

A great activity to remember your life,
and to share it with the ones you love!